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June 15, 2009

Ducks and more ducks

My dear Mom got these fabric panels way back when my Dad was sick and she had to sit with him.That would have been before 1984. She likes to be busy and couldn't just stand to sit there doing nothing. She never got a chance to work on these and can't do it now because her arthritis won't let her do needlework anymore. I am not sure if she was going to make pillows or what but she gave them to me.

When my hubby saw them he said that would be a nice quilt for him. I just sort of smiled and told him I could do that. I am not sure what I would like to do with them or when. I think it would depend on what sort of fabric I could find to go with them and if I could figure out how I wanted to put them together. I can see the background around the ducks free motion quilted along the design. Obviously I will have to get a bit better at my free motion quilting before I would do that. I will have to leave them out so I can look at them and think about it. If anyone has a brain storm let me know. About all I was thinking of doing was putting some sashing around them but there must be a nicer setting than that. They are approx. 11 inch blocks I like the brown and the green ones the best but the light colored ones would be more versatile as far as fabric goes.

For right now they are just another UFO. Edited by me.....OK it isn't a UFO, not technically. Thanks to Happy Cottage Quilter and Vesuviusmama. I stand corrected.


Vesuviusmama said...

It isn't a UFO if you haven't started it yet, is it? Leaving it out is a good idea - I'm sure you'll walk by one day and have an epiphany!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I agree, it isn't a UFO yet. I think if you just look at it for a few days, you will be inspired. Maybe you could alternate the light and dark blocks. They are very lovely ducks.

CapLady-Molly said...

I agree, since it hasn't been started it can't be unfinished, right ? We can always find a way out can't we ? Take care

Cheryl Willis said...

IMHO- you can call it anything you want, you touched it, it's unfinished, good enough for a tally mark.
I always liked the panel pieces b/c you can do so many things with them. cut apart and strip flying geese or pinwheels or 9-patches between them. I have also done an alternate pieced block and set with the panel. You either need to be lucky or cut the blocks down to size. I had some cat panels one time and just set the top to a sheet and quilted it. The gal that got it loves it. Whatever you decided to do, have fun.- cw

Auntie Em said...

I have some mallard duck fabric from years ago too. I always thought I'd make a lap quilt for my dad with it, but my mom has the situation firmly in hand with all the knitted afghans she makes. :-)

quiltfool said...

I found some panels when I was cleaning this weekend. I saved them, but am not sure what I'll do with them. One thing you could consider is broderie perse, and cut out the ducks and mount them on a different background. Good luck. Lane