New Name

UNDER THE ROSE has a new name its.......BY THE SEAM.
I had trouble with the old web address so thought it would be best to change it.
Thanks for coming by and please leave me a comment so I know that you were here. Marlene

November 22, 2013

Ready To Quilt

Finally this quilt is on the frame and ready to get quilted. I wanted to straight line quilt it but it's way too huge for that. It measures 84 X 88. The largest one I have ever done. It's also the largest size I would put on my frame. It's about maxed out in the length. 

This purple fabric was rather stretchy so all my points didn't line up the way I liked.  Then when I went to get the backing they didn't have enough so I had to piece that with some grey that I was holding back for another quilt. 

I covered up the label for privacy reasons. It's a gift for a friend of ours. He likes KState so I was lucky to find the fabric in my LQS. 

I'm just going to do an all over meander on it because I'm not that good at using this frame. So I hope it turns out good. 

It's cold here and we had ice and snow yesterday. Hurry up Spring! I am excited about Christmas and can't wait to get my tree up in a couple of weeks. Are you excited to put up your Christmas things?  

November 6, 2013


Finally made some progress on this quilt. It's huge California King huge! I'm limited on the size I can do but it will be close. 

Photo looks blurry here maybe it's just me. Anyway I have 2 more of these columns to do. It's not perfect points but they are close. That purple fabric is a bit stretchy but not bad. 

Have to go and fix dinner now. Wow I could get a lot of sewing done if someone in the house didn't want to eat! 

November 1, 2013

Sewing Again....Finally!

After working on the house for most of the Spring and all of Summer I am finally finding time to sew. It feels so good to get back to what I love to do. 

HST's love them. They work up so fast and this is a Christmas gift for Hubby's best friend. 

Are you working on some Christmas gifts? I bet you all are way ahead of me. 

October 12, 2013

Getting Ready For Winter (yuck)!

We have been busy here getting ready for cold weather. The siding on the house is only two years old but needed a new coat of sealer. It sure didn't take long to get the job done. You can see here how badly it needed it. The sun and wind get brutal out here. Plus the stuff soaks into the Cedar.

We did the house in sections. Seems like when we first did the siding it took forever. We put a sealer on the boards before we put them up. One coat on each side. I am not sure how many gallons of the sealer we went through but it was several....maybe 5 or 6. This time it only took about 2 and a half gallons maybe a bit more. It looks better this time than it did when we first did the house.

That is my kitchen window. I think we need to do the ceiling on the porches as well but that will have to wait till Spring or maybe even next Fall. I am sure glad that we decided to do the sealer this year. I still have to get my porches back in order. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit cooler and then finally on Monday we will be in the 60's and I will be trying to stay warm. I don't do cold well. Seems as though the temperature gets below 73* and I start getting chilly. How about you? Do you like the colder weather or no?

October 8, 2013

On The Porch Today

This afternoon I am out on the porch enjoying the warm air after cold this last weekend. I don't do cold well so I will soak up all the warmth while I can.

I have been busy doing some projects that have been waiting for me for a year now.

Last Fall I bought these two chairs and they were in bad shape. Sorry I should have taken a photo of them when I got them. After we got them hubz stripped them down and took the old paint and the rust off of them and put new seats in them. I wanted to paint them but ran out of good weather. So I finally got them done.

The table is one that I worked on last year and got painted. It was an ugly gold color. Someone gave us this table made out of re bar. The top is marble but it is cracked across the top. I have them on my front porch. And yes we need to replace the floor of the porch but just have not gotten to it yet. There have been too many other things going on.

We just had to get two new garage about spending money! But at least they will be better than the ones that are in there now. I am not sure who the idiot 
was that wanted to put a garage under the house but that is one big dumb idea! We got some new doors with an R-18.5 rating so we should see some difference. They won't be in till about the 20th of October and I can't wait. Just in time for winter. Both of the ones we have now are broken. Not to the point that they don't work but they are separating and letting cold air in. They are just cheap ones anyway and I am surprised that they have lasted this long.

Also we finally got the handles on the new sink cabinet in the bathroom. Still looking for a paper holder and towel holder.

I got these at Hobby Lobby. Love that store! and my new bathroom.

Also sanded down this old stool that I got someplace. Looks like it was made for some kids to use when trying to wash hands at the sink. I didn't try and get all the paint off from it but I worked on it for a couple of days. I just put some teak oil on it for a finish. I wanted to use it in the kitchen to help me reach the top shelf in the cupboards. I used it today and it is just right. 

So now a couple more projects and then I can start sewing again. I hope. Hope you have all been well. I have not had time for anything other than try and get some things done. I wanted to go out and take photos of a few things and have not even had a chance to do that yet. Going to be too late by the time I get there. 

OK till next time.