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UNDER THE ROSE has a new name its.......BY THE SEAM.
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November 22, 2013

Ready To Quilt

Finally this quilt is on the frame and ready to get quilted. I wanted to straight line quilt it but it's way too huge for that. It measures 84 X 88. The largest one I have ever done. It's also the largest size I would put on my frame. It's about maxed out in the length. 

This purple fabric was rather stretchy so all my points didn't line up the way I liked.  Then when I went to get the backing they didn't have enough so I had to piece that with some grey that I was holding back for another quilt. 

I covered up the label for privacy reasons. It's a gift for a friend of ours. He likes KState so I was lucky to find the fabric in my LQS. 

I'm just going to do an all over meander on it because I'm not that good at using this frame. So I hope it turns out good. 

It's cold here and we had ice and snow yesterday. Hurry up Spring! I am excited about Christmas and can't wait to get my tree up in a couple of weeks. Are you excited to put up your Christmas things?  

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