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October 12, 2013

Getting Ready For Winter (yuck)!

We have been busy here getting ready for cold weather. The siding on the house is only two years old but needed a new coat of sealer. It sure didn't take long to get the job done. You can see here how badly it needed it. The sun and wind get brutal out here. Plus the stuff soaks into the Cedar.

We did the house in sections. Seems like when we first did the siding it took forever. We put a sealer on the boards before we put them up. One coat on each side. I am not sure how many gallons of the sealer we went through but it was several....maybe 5 or 6. This time it only took about 2 and a half gallons maybe a bit more. It looks better this time than it did when we first did the house.

That is my kitchen window. I think we need to do the ceiling on the porches as well but that will have to wait till Spring or maybe even next Fall. I am sure glad that we decided to do the sealer this year. I still have to get my porches back in order. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit cooler and then finally on Monday we will be in the 60's and I will be trying to stay warm. I don't do cold well. Seems as though the temperature gets below 73* and I start getting chilly. How about you? Do you like the colder weather or no?


Love Of Quilts said...

I have already turned on the heat at times. I don't do good in the cold weather.

Rose said...

I am never happy with the weather...feel like I always complain. I hate the high humidity and heat of summer, but like you don't like cold. And every evening when I finally sit down and feel like I am done for the day, I go through a spell of freezing!