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June 29, 2009

A Toad In My Heart

My husband and I were at a garage sale a few weeks ago and saw this cute bench for the porch, it was only five dollars so we got it.
It was a bit weather beaten
but we thought we would sand it down and
put a new clear coat on it.
It has been sitting on the back porch waiting for us to get to it and for
the cooler weather. Yesterday was the day.
I pulled it out away from the side of the house so we could get to it easier. My husband said
don't pull that all over the place and I told him I just wanted
to get it out away from the house to work on it.

Then I turned around and saw what was
on the back of it.
It was a small toad hanging on for dear life.
He climbed up to the top of it and got into the spot where there is a heart
cut out in the back of it.

My husband started sanding and the little thing never moved.
Hubby finally got a rag and picked him up and put him in the yard.
If you look close you can see the toad.
Here is a better photo of the toad from the back.
It is about all sanded now and my husband is doing a little repair
work on it, some screws and a bit of bracing for the seat. Then it is good
to put the finish on it.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

awww, cute little guy. Can't wait to see the finished bench :-)

solomi558 said...

Hello kwiltmaker, nice to meet you , a very nice bench you have there, we don,t have garage sales in England, just car boot sales full of rubbish . I paint my existing furniture,I have some on my blog. I joined you as a follower, I hope you would like to join me. -cottonreel

Susan said...

Hmmm...does this mean that the bench is now a toadstool? Hehehehe! Sorry, I couldn't resist!

Amy - Park City Girl said...

CUTE! My Em has had special stuffed frogs since she was a baby - she had fun showing "Jumper" your real frog :) Your bench looks really sweet - have fun painting!

solomi558 said...

Thankyou quiltmaker I will be around-cottonreel

Debbie said...

How special! I always love reading your blog!

oldbatt said...

Very cute toad. In answer to your question - yes I have set up shop on blogspot and I did lose all my postings on MQB so not sure if I will do as much now - we'll see but sure nice to hear from you! Lisa

solomi558 said...

Hi kwiltmaker, it,s cottonreel, Perhaps it wasn,t clear from how I wrote my blog.
The birdhouse I put on my blog is my effort. Thew birdhouse on the blog of Laurie Star is much nicer

JnL4God said...

Nice bench. I wonder if Mr. Toad will find it again when you put it back in the yard. Have a great day.

Loralynn said...

How cute! I'm sure your "toad bench" will turn into a "princely throne"!! (sorry, couldn't help myself)