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December 22, 2009

This Glacier Won't Melt!

I am sure you all remember when I first posted about this I had mentioned that the quilter couldn't even think about quilting it till about January. After I had posted I sent a link of that post to Lisa Moore, the designer of the quilt.

She emailed me and offered to quilt it for me. I was so surprised. Here I had this quilt and now the designer is going to quilt it for me too. WOW! How lucky can one person get? I am so very happy with the quilt, Lisa did a beautiful job on it as I knew she would. My husband and I both really like this quilt and it is hanging in the living room. It is my all time favorite quilt. The colors are so pretty in it and with the quilting it looks like it has motion to it. Thanks Lisa ! This is a very special quilt for sure!

Click on the photos to get a better look at it. The photos do not do the quilt justice.


Angela said...

Oh wow! What a beautiful quilt! Love the flow of blues! And what a treat - having the designer quilt it! :o) Thanks for sharing!

Lis said...

Wow what a beautiful quilt and what a treat to have it quilted for you by Lisa. It looks fantastic. Have a very Happy Christmas, love Lis x

Hazel said...

I can see why you love this quilt, it's stunning.What great use of color .Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

That's great.... I need to start making my version of this quilt. I have the pattern and lots of fabric options. I like the quilting and the movement.


Quiltluver said...

I remember that beautiful quilt. That's so cool that you were able to get this quilted by the designer. Karen

oldbatt said...

It is beautiful and how fortunate to have someone quilt it for you and do such a beautiful job! Merry Christmas! Lisa

Ivory Spring said...

BEAUTIFUL, Marleen - I love the colors. You ought to be so proud of yourself!!!

Kathleen said...

It beautiful! And the quilting design is just right.