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January 7, 2010

For The Snowbunnies!

I am beginning to wonder if spring will get here. We are having more of the same weather that we had at Christmas, only colder. Wind chills are as low as 30 below and it will be like that for a few more days. Snowing and wind blowing it all over. That was last night, today is is just bitter cold and wind blowing snow all over. So while all this is going on I am tucked in nice and warm and sewing. I made these pillow cases for the little 'snowbunnies', as Mama calls them, up north.

I had made my daughter some embroidered pillow cases out of white flannel, you can see them here. So before this storm hit, I went to my LQS, it is sale time and flannel was 40% off. I only picked up a yard of 3 different fabrics, the yellow,red and the rick-rack print. I had some other leftover flannel and thought I would use that up as well. Now they will have plenty of nice fuzzy warm pillow cases to lay their sleepy little noggins on.
I also joined in on a Friday Night Sew in starting on Jan. 15Th.
There is also a button on the right side bar for you to click and read all about it and the give away.

I am off to get a cup of hot tea! Thanks for coming to my blog.


Jay said...

Spring??? What is that??? With the -40 (wind chill) tonight, I have decided that staying indoors and doing some projects might be a good idea. But I think your projects would make my `poorly' by comparison ;-) ... Keep up the good work. Think I'll have me a cup of hot tea with honey too...

Hazel said...

Spring , winter has just started here in Canada .It's extremely cold but we don't have much snow ,February will be our worst month .
I love your flannel pillow cases never thought of embroidering them did you do it by machine or by hand .

Heidi said...

I love flannel anything!! I just made my first flannel quilt for my parents for Christmas. They live in North Dakota and can really use it right now.

I'm glad you have decided to join us for the Sew-in on the 15th. See you then!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Well guess what? We've got snow in the forecast for Florida! I could really pass on this. Sew-In should be lots of fun to see what everyone creates. And it looks like some may still be home bound at that point ;-)

Kathleen said...

I do the same thing! I start looking for Spring in January...I have a l-o-n-g wait. Off to check out the sew-in; thanks for the link.

Lis said...

I love that you stocked up on fabric before the storm hit!! Did you get any food? The thought of spring in a lovely one, thank you for that.

Angela said...

Flannel pillowcases are a great idea! I would like those! :o)
Love, love, love the zig zag flannel!