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January 15, 2010

Ready, Set, Friday Night Sew In.....

Ready?....Almost. I am cutting my fabrics and about ready to start this project for the sew in. I am using picks out of two jelly rolls for this project plus some additional yardage. So half the cutting was done already. You gotta love those pre cut fabrics. I did post about the "sew in" earlier in the week but in case you missed it... is having a Friday Night Sew In tonight. I won't be able to sew all night because I have a small house and hubby will be home around midnight and then I guess my sewing machine turns into a pumpkin or something but I will have to stop sewing at that point because he has to work Saturday as well. Check tomorrow's post to see how much I got done. Hopefully I will have a block or two to show. I am a bit slow at getting ready for this. I was going to do another project but changed my mind, as usual. Have a good night all!


DeAnna S. said...

Have fun. Love your fabric choice. I may have to join. I plan on sewing tonight anyway. I will certainly check out the site.

Auntie Em said...

Sounds like a fabulous Friday night! Hope you get a lot done.

Colleen said...

Have fun at the Sew In. I love your fabrics and colors, working with the same color family now too.
Finished 3 lap quilt tops today for my neices, I will machine quilt them.
Have a great evening and weekend!

Anonymous said...

What are you making with those pretty fabrics, Marlene?

Happy Sewing!!! The Sew In sounds fun. :)

Lis said...

I am addicted to jellyrolls and precuts I think. Lovely fabrics you've got there. Hope you had a good sew-in, I've posted about mine, I did a selection of little things and loved that people all over the world were sewing away too.

Angela said...

Those are gorgeous fabrics! Cant wait to see your progress!