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November 16, 2010

Been Busy!

Among other things I have been working on lately I finally finished this table runner. I had started it some time ago and got a bit disgusted with it so I put it up. I had wanted to hand quilt around the border but could not find a marking tool that I could see well enough to follow the lines. Finally I just said forget it and did a line of straight stitch around it, put the binding on it and hand stitched that down. I was afraid the marking would not come out of the fabric but they all did. I think I tried about 3 or 4 different marking tools including chalk and various colors. I guess sometimes there is nothing else you can do.  What do you do in a case like that?


Angela said...

Lovely! I don't mark too much, usually do 1/4" quilting, but when I mark, I use those air-soluble or water-soluble markers. They can be hard to see on busy or dark fabrics tho.
I love those stars, they are really pretty!

Wendy said...

Very nice! Love the color combinations.

Amy said...

I use the water soluble purple marker for light colors..I have used the white pencils for dark colors..they all have washed out great.I want to try the pouncer pad thingy...maybe when there is a pattern try free motion around the designs,instead of marking..looks good to me.

Hazel said...

very pretty I to use the blue wash out pen but on colors to hard to see I sometimes us 1/4 " masking tape .

quiltfool said...

I use everything and will use multiple marking tools in a single quilt. I have blue washout ink and blue and white ceramic lead pencils (sewline maybe?) and black pencil and pounce chalk and several different types of chalk pencils and rollers. I just keep trying things until I get something to work. My favorite is the pounce. Spray the fabric with a very light spray of cheap hairspray and the chalk sticks longer and better. Love the quilt, and the border fabric really sets it off. Lane

Lis said...

Marking is the most difficult aspect of my quilting life! I bought some new markers when I was in NZ but have not used them yet - I haven't got much as far as the quilting stage recently! I do like the white iron-out marker for sashiko and darker fabrics though. Soap works well too if you can get a nice sharp edge.

Ivory Spring said...

Very nice, Marlene.

I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.