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December 15, 2010

Doing Dishes

Me, about 5 yrs. old
This is a photo of me when I was about 5. Guess Mom's like to start us in young doing dishes. I don't sit on a stool anymore but I still have to wash them by hand. Note the washing machine there on the right.


Lis said...

Great photo - and no harm in starting us off young!

Angela said...

That is such a cute picture! Thanks for sharing it!

Rhoda said...

That brings back memories! I remember standing on a stool by the kitchen sink playing in the water while the dishes were soaking. Yep, our washing machine looked like that, too!

quiltfool said...

Cute pic. We had a stool to stand on and I can remember drying, while my younger sister stood on the stool to wash. Nowadays, getting my kid to wash dishes...well, it's just easier to do them by myself. Lane