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December 18, 2010

Hand Stitching and Needles

Hand Stitching the Binding
I am trying to get these two Use It Up quilts done. I got them both quilted before I left and the one I actually got the binding on it. The blue one I put the binding on the other day, now I am trying to get the binding hand stitched down on both of them. I had the wrong needle and it was going so slowly. I hunted for another needle and finally found a sharp #10. I can never remember what needles are for what and which one I like and works best for me. I did a little research on needles and found some helpful sites. Hopefully now I will remember which one I like.

The #10 sharp is the smallest one but one web site did say they had a #12. The # 10 is the best one for me. What size needle to do you like for hand stitching? By the way, I love the clips for the binding, so much nicer than using pins, don't you think?


Michelle said...

I use size 12s myself. I may have to switch to a bigger needle-I'm having problems seeing the eye to thread it!! I guess since I turned 40 this year, my eyes have turned old!! lol

Hazel said...

I use a #8 John James needle ,This brand is great as they have a larger eye ,good for old folks like me LOL