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UNDER THE ROSE has a new name its.......BY THE SEAM.
I had trouble with the old web address so thought it would be best to change it.
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December 21, 2010

The Other One

Use It Up..Quilt #2
 I worked on sewing the binding down on this through out the day yesterday and got it in the washing machine about midnight last night. Again I had everything I needed for this quilt but that was the whole point in this Use It Up thing. I used the poly/cotton batting in this one too and really like it. I never thought I would but I do. The backing is a thrift store twin size sheet I had, it looked like it had been washed once maybe. I have another set of blocks started so I will have to see about them but first I have some other projects that I need to get done.

I wanted to see the lunar eclipse last night but it was cloudy here so I stayed in my warm bed and slept. Did any of you see it?


quiltfool said...

Wow, I'll comment on a string of posts. Congrats on two finished and washed! I also use sharp 10 needles. I'll use an 8 for basting, but a 10 for sewing. I'm new to the hair clips for bindings, but really love them much more than pins. Take care. Lane

Quiltluver said...

Sounds you are getting things done! Didn't see the lunar eclipse. That's way past my bed time...

Angela said...

I like this one too! Love the pale yellow!