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January 24, 2011

More Thrift Store Sheets

Thrift Store 
I went to the local thrift store and picked these up. Not as cheap as I picked up the other ones from the other day but still a good deal..

I also got more pieces cut for that scrap quilt I am working on. I need it to be a bit bigger than it was going to be. So I am making 12 more blocks. It should make a big difference since it is a double 4-patch and the blocks are 12 inches.


Jennadesigns said...

Fun sheet score! I love the third one down especially... very retro. When I was at our local thrift store last week, I noticed their shelves were literally overflowing with sheets... so I held off, because I'm hoping this week or the next they'll be 20-50% off so they can move them. We'll see!

Hazel said...

Petty I like the first one .

Katie M. said...

I love looking for the sheets - and don't forget to look at the men's shirts while you're at the thrift store, too! Especially the larger sizes with long sleeves - lots of fabric in a large shirt!