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March 31, 2011

Fabric Shopping

Yesterday I met Amy for a bit of fabric shopping at my favorite quilt shop in the area. It is a bit of a hike but I do love Sarah's as I had blogged about her store before.

I got caught in a bit of a traffic jam while leaving home. I had to stop so they could get this big thing up the road. It is the bottom of a windmill and it was headed for Illinois. They were going the long way around because they were headed north. I couldn't believe how big it was.

So then on to some fun. Amy and I had a great time, we actually went to two shops. The first one carries the Amy Bradley Designs and have a lot of her quilts in their shop as well. Amy is a local designer and is friends with the shop owner. You can see Amy Bradley's site here. She has some really cute patterns. Amy has one of a quilt lady and it reminds me of Madame Samm when I see it.

Then we went onto Sarah's and tried to see everything that Sarah has in the store, I really don't think that is possible but we gave it a good try. Amy got some nice fabrics and here are the ones that I got one yard cuts of on over to Amy's site and see her things. Oh and the cute little lady frog I found in the first shop we went into. She was so cute I just could not resist buying her. Every rose garden needs a frog. I am going to keep her around so you will see more of her. Any suggestions for a name for Miss Frog?


Amy said...

I love Frita the fabric shoppin frog. I will try not to leave Bud at home next time.

quiltfool said...

When your post was opening and I saw that truck and read that you'd gone shopping, my first thought was that was the delivery of what you'd bought. Glad you had fun. I'm going to have to read more from Amy's site. Looks fun! Lane