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March 9, 2011

Went Thrift Store Shopping

This past Saturday I went to the one thrift store here and got these sheets.They are all cotton, the bottom one says Muslin on the tag.

 I have been so busy that I haven't even been on the computer. The Iditarod started on Friday and I have only been on with hubby as he checks the race progress.

I got my Mom's quilt all done and all I have to do is hand sew the binding on. Then tonight I got a baby quilt ready to start quilting, I have 2 more of those to do and one large quilt to quilt, plus one to finish a border on. I am trying to get some of these projects out of the way to make room for new ones. How are you coming on getting some projects finished up?


Jennadesigns said...

Love your sheet finds too! They look great! I especially love blues, but they seem hard to come by around here for some reason. I still have my patchwork vintage sheet shower curtain to work on. Spring break is next week so maybe I'll get to it then. :) What are your plans with yours?

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow what great sheet! Love the colors!!

quiltfool said...

I am not doing so well on finishing my projects...but I'm doing a terrific job of starting new ones. Actually, I pulled out a UFO yesterday to do some fancy quilting on. Now, I just need to start drawing what I want to quilt. Take care. Lane

notes of sincerity said...

Love your sheets! :o)

Lis said...

Me too, have a look at what I got - must be a successful hunting wind a-blowing!

Amy said...

I love the blues!We might have to get together and do a sheet swap.