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May 20, 2011

Blue Bird of Happiness

We have had a pair of Bluebirds around here for a few years and I have wanted to get a photo of them forever. Finally, last night I got my chance. They are such a pretty bird and sort of rare from what I understand but they are on a come back. They do make me happy when I see them, especially with their little ones.

I have also been waiting for this Quail to show herself so I could get a photo of her. My husband noticed her the last time he mowed the lawn and we have been watching every day for a couple of weeks. We thought they had a nest in one of my flower gardens but we are not too sure if they do or not but we see her almost every day. I just finally today got a chance to take the photo. They are very hard to see in the grass and as you can tell it needs to be mowed again.  If she is living in the flower garden hopefully we will get some photos of the babies. 

Tonight is Friday Night Sew In so I had better get busy.


Deb said...

Hello! I am a Midwesterner also, and would LOVE to have a blue bird AND quail living in our yard. Especially a quail, since that is the nickname my sons & I have given to my husband (long story). I hope to make him a little "Quail" walling hanging someday. I live in a Nebraska suburb, & we have a field with a lot of open areas around us, so we actually have much wild life.
Thanks for sharing!

Deb from

Maria said...

Thanks for the compliments! Also- I'm loving your bird photos. Yay for quail!