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June 6, 2011

We Have Been Busy

We have been very busy around here lately. We have had some problems with the south side of the house. We knew it need to be done but the torrential downpours that we have had lately have made it a bit of an emergency to get done. We have plenty of good help and I am thankful for that.

The stuff on the side of the house was sort of like pressed board, not sure what else to call it. I refer to it as glued cardboard. We knew it was bad and it gets all that bad weather in the south. We have needed to do something with, like put a roof over the door and replace the siding but you all know how it goes with all of that time and money just never seem to be there. Now it has to be there because it has to be done. The casing on the door was rotting and the floor inside where the door leaked was starting to rot as well. All fixed now.

We got some siding and the boys started to tear off the old siding. We will build a roof over the door and a small patio out there. It isn't going very quickly but it is progressing.

And we here are some more good helpers! Thanks!


Susan said...

Looks like quite a job, but it will be really nice once it's done!

Lis said...

Glad you've got some good helpers, that looks like a massive job, good luck.