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June 3, 2013

Bathroom Re Do

 We have been busy with a bit of a re do here. I am sure most of you remember back a couple of summers ago when we re did the outside of the house. Or should I say hubby, Amy and Joey did. I was not here. New windows and siding and a new porch on the south side of the house. OK then ...... we changed the window in the master bathroom and that left an un done mess on the inside.

We have wanted to re do this bathroom since we moved in....carpet...ick! Anyway we are finally getting around to it. But I had to paint the bathroom first to cover up the spot where we changed the window. The old window was a square one.

Why on earth is it so hard to get a good color of paint? I had a really nice blue in there..dark but really nice..I loved that blue. Well a long time ago my hubby went to work for a company that makes sinks and got a free it! So I wanted a lighter blue because he wanted to lighten the bathroom up a bit. OK problem there. I got a nice medium light blue a with a bit of grey in it....turned back we go to a bit darker blue with a touch of grey in it.....turned purple...I said ick I can't stand that!!!
So in chatting with Amy she says "grey" (I have not been thinking clearly for months, well these last few months especially LOL!) So finally I said oh yeah duh! the sink is grey! Geeze, takes me a while sometimes! So I went to Benjamin Moore, where I should have gone in the first place instead of the "box" store I went to...ick! Got a beautiful grey and painted the walls........ahhhhh what a nice color and it looks terrific or even better!

In this photo the grey looks a bit lighter than it really is. The sink color is also a bit lighter than it is when I look at it. The blue is the first blue I put on there. Here it looks blue but a bit lighter than it really was but with a purple tint to it. There is one small spot there where you can see a bit of the other blue that I had gotten. I only painted half of the walls because we are going to do some bead board as well but I have not gotten that far yet. 

Then I had to do the boards for the ceiling. 

One coat on the back and 3 on the faces of them. Then my hubs put them up. Here is what that looks like.......Also the nice window and the frame that he made for it..

This photo shows the color to be more true. I am working on the moulding right now and the sink about ugly! They are stained and were like that when we moved in. I have never painted furniture before not like this anyway so I am not really sure what I am doing here.  I grew up stripping paint off rather than putting it on. I got one coat of primer on that today and I hope it comes out great. I am using a bonding primer, no sanding required.  It will be white like the bead board (if I ever get to paint it that is). 

This is the sink cabinet from the main bathroom. The one in the master bath is larger. Again it is lighter in the photo than it is in real life. This one is going to get replaced. I found a nice one (white) that I want. It has 3 drawers on the side of it and one door. This is a really small bathroom with no place to put much of anything so we will change it out. I have a new white sink (free from work) in here as well. This ugly green floor is going to get replaced too but that is all for another time. After I get the cabinet done then it is time for me to do the bead board and for him to do the floor (we got Cork) and get rid of that nasty nasty carpet that is there.

So whew! What a project and it is taking forever, or so it seems. I think I am going to really like it when it is all done. I have had lots of time to think about this. Not sure what I will do if the sink cabinet doesn't turn out like I want it too but I think it will be alright I hope. New ones are pricey but I may have to go that way after all. Time will tell.

OK I am off to catch up on laundry. I haven't done any sewing lately but I am starting to get the urge to sew again so I hope we can get this done soon.

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