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June 16, 2013

Ugly Door

OK this is the door to the sink cabinet. Ugliest wood I have ever seen. It didn't look much better after I stripped it the second time....yes a second time.

 After I stripped it the first time.. Then I put primer and a coat of paint on it and had to start all over again. All those things I read about foam good! I couldn't get the paint to look smooth. It was all bumpy. So I stripped them again. Remember I said I grew up stripping furniture not painting it......Good grief what a lot of work this is.

However, I found this tutorial  Best one I have seen yet. She says she sprays the primer on. I had a different primer so I put mine on with a brush as thin as I could get it. But I did buy the paint she used so we shall see.

Here is the door with 1 coat of primer on it..

I ended up putting 2 coats of primer on it and here is what that looks like..

I thought I would let it sit till Monday since it was late last night when I was done with the priming. Not sure if I will sand them or not. I may go over them lightly depending on how it feels when I run my had across the pieces. If it feels smooth I think I will leave them alone. I am anxious to get this done and move on to the bead board and get that painted. We are thinking about using a sprayer for that. They have some nice sprayers out now and a sprayer may be the best way to go. The pieces are rather large and to paint them with a brush may prove to be more than what I can handle..

And after all these years of wanting to get rid of the carpet in the bathroom....Who in their right mind puts wall to wall carpet in a bathroom anyway?? Way too hard to keep clean. And why do they not clean up the sub floors before they put carpet down??? I know I sound grumpy about it all. Sorry!

This was before we got the staples cleaned up. Also that is the sink cabinet there. It didn't turn out as bad as the doors did so I am probably going to leave that the way it is. I may be sorry I did that but it is just getting to be too much having stuff all over the place. After the paint color fiasco and now this deal with cabinet doors I am getting sick of the whole thing. It's taking way too long to get done. I am hoping to get at least 2 coats of paint on the doors tomorrow.

Have a restful Sunday............

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