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July 7, 2013

Almost Done!

We have been working for weeks and we are almost done! YAY!

The boards I have been working on are in place except for the last few and a bit of trim.....

Out in the barn...most of the time in the heat. 3 coats on the front side and one on the back and ends to seal everything up. Here you see some of the small pieces I had to do. I am working on the last of them now and tomorrow I will put the third coat on them. So it won't be long. Then we are going to get the other bathroom fixed up. 

It needs a new coat of paint, a new toilet and a new sink cupboard. It will have the same floor and ceiling as the other bathroom. I can hardly wait to get going on that. Never thought I would say that after taking so long to get this one done but it is so much nicer now. 

I will be back I hope the end of the week with some photos of the finished project. What home remodel projects are you working on?  

See ya soon. 

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Amy said...

I know the bathrooms will look great!