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May 21, 2008

Silk Ribbon, My Mom

(click on photo to make larger)

I tried it again and they did turn out better. This is a photo of them in the frame. Actually, my photo didn't turn out to well, I think my camera is old and I could use a new one. I would love to get one but......

My mom got the embroidery and said she just loved it that it was so beautiful. She showed it to one of her friends and they couldn't get over how nice it was. My mom even liked the frame,which you can't see the whole frame but it was sort of antique looking and my mom loves antiques.

I did another one of roses in a circle. I was starting out to do something else then it turned into just some roses in a circle. When I washed the embroidery some of the green bleed onto the fabric but it is just for fun anyway so I didn't care too much. I did that one on some cotton velvet. I did my mom's on a piece of silk.

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Cheryl said...

Your ribbon embordery is beauitful ! I need to try this agian , it has been a few yrs since I have done any .
I really like the first one of flowers along the fence and the heart shaped one .