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June 9, 2008

The Quilt That Started It All!

This quilt is one I did for my God-son, it is the one that started all my quilting. I made this one up. I thought it was simple and I drew the patterns myself. I do think I had a bit of help with the drawing of the patterns but not much. I made this quilt I think in 1997. He was just about a year old when I finally started it and got it done. I didn't have a clue to what I was doing but I guess it turned out alright. I had done a sail boat with fish on the back so it was a two sided quilt but I had used "cheap" fabric for it and the fabric on the back did not hold up well. I had ended up re doing the sail boat one once and then like a dummy I left the "cheap" fabric there and just trimmed it up and added some new good fabric. Well needless to say, it fell apart too. Just last spring I re did the sail boat one and gave it back to him, I hope I can find that photo.
By the way, the big feet there on the left of the photo is the feet of the boy that I made this for. He sure is growing up fast! I have to hunt for that other photo of the sail boat quilt then I will post it.

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