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April 23, 2009

Still a UFO

I started this wall hanging before Christmas but got interrupted and had to go out of town for 3 months. I finally got back to the quilt yesterday. I have only made prairie points once before for the outside of a doll quilt but I saw a quilt on Moda Bake Shop , It is the pinwheel baby quilt, which I have fabric to make, I think it is so sweet. So I thought I would try this idea. I think it is much easier to put them along the border than it was for me to put them on the outside of the quilt. I am sure a zillion people have done it this way but I don't want to get into any trouble with anyone for using an idea I didn't dream up.

I liked the fabric and thought it would make into a nice
quilt for a friend of mine, subtle was what I was looking for. I am putting red binding on it because I thought it could use a little extra pizazz without going overboard. I just laid some strips there to see what it would look like. Now all I have to do is get hubby to put the quilt table up and we are all set. Next time I do the prairie points I will put them out a bit away from the corners, then I can mitre corners on the border. I didn't' want to do that this time because I was afraid there was too much bulk there and I don't think I thought it through
enough, I just wanted it done. You know how it goes.


Vicki said...

I saw those prairie points on the inner border and thought it was a great idea, too. I really like this quilt.

Fresh Poppy Sisters said...

Very pretty quilt. I really like it!

Shirleymac said...

It's very pretty. I love prarie points.