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May 31, 2009

1930 Era Blocks

Here are some old quilt blocks that Mamma Net gave to me, she also gave me the old crazy quilt. I am not sure who sewed them, I think her Mom did. Mamma Net is in her late 70's so you know it has been a while since the blocks were put together. I know some of the fabric is original 30's fabric so that is at least some sort of a date on them. I don't think Net knew the name of the block or she couldn't remember or I can't remember if she told me......old age I guess....anyway I would like to put them together at some point in time. I have 10 of them. I am not sure if that was all that was made at the time or if some got lost but that is all I have. Any one have any suggestions as to how I should set them???

Here is a picture of the back of one of the blocks. The seams are pressed open and they are machine sewn. One piece of fabric was pieced in order to make it large enough for the block.


Angela said...

Another treasure! WOW! They would make a pretty table runner, since there are only 10?

Fresh Poppy Sisters said...

Okay, I couldn't even show a back of my quilt on a strip quilt! Impressive. Very pretty.

Shirleymac said...

What treasures you have! I've been away but I love the last 3 items you've posted. It's a 3-way tie for my favorite.

Cap Lady--Molly said...

Thank you so much for the encouraging comments. I love those blocks, they are really something. Thanks for checking up on me. Take care, me