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May 23, 2009

Beautiful Embroidery

As I have said my Mom gave me a love of needlework. This is a little quilt that she made for one of my girls way back when they were 100% cotton. I know that I have washed this quilt a thousand times, so to speak. The front was a pre printed panel and she embroidered it then she purchased a pre quilted backing for it and put it together and did the rest of the embroidery as quilting.

Here are two of the little motifs that are on the quilt.
I love the little wreath and the piggie.
Piggies have gotten such a bad rap lately but not this one. He is
too cute with his little ear of corn.

Then here is the back. They say your embroidery should look as good on the back as it does on the front. I think my Mom's does.

I am so very glad that I rediscovered this while I was at her house over the winter. If only mine looked that good and especially after what this one has been through.


Hazel said...

Your mom does beautiful work ,what a great keepsake.

Susan said...

What a treasure!

Debbie said...

You do beautiful work! My husband stitches too sshhhhh and his backs look as good as his fronts. I am excited to show him your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine too.

Cap Lady--Molly said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I thought they were cute too. Your things are not cute they are beautiful. How very lucky to have them, tell Mom I think she is very talented and raised a talented daughter. 8>)

Angela said...

What a great treasure to have! I wish I had more *family* things like that! Thanks for sharing the pictures!