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May 16, 2009

Hand Quilting

This one does enlarge but the second one doesn't seem to want to.

This is the first that I have done of hand quilting. A few years ago I did take a class, one of only two classes that I have ever taken. The other one was to learn how to quilt by machine. I didn't have much luck with the hand quilting and I think the fact that the stencil was a bit complicated had a lot to do with it. It was a bit overwhelming. I was discouraged with it so for a long time I didn't even want to try it again but recently I have become interested in it again.

Not sure why when you click on it that it does not enlarge.

This time I chose much easier stencils to quilt. Well one of them is a bit difficult but I am doing OK on it. I am amazed at how quickly it has gone. I changed my needle three different times and thread three different times but now I think it is coming along. I am using a variegated thread that is a bit dark but I wanted to be able to see what I was doing. I would love to do a small white whole cloth quilt someday or to do some hand quilting on a small wall hanging. I am enjoying it and find it relaxing to do in the evening.

I know the stitches are a bit big but I hope they will get better with time and practice. I am also having problems with the knot at the end of the quilting. Can't seem to get it right. Starting is no problem but the end is not.
Guess I will get the hang of that too, I hope.


Auntie Em said...

I think your hand quilting looks great! I think that even stitches (which you have) are more important than small stitches, at least at first. I like your new photo in your banner.

Angela said...

Your quilting is beautiful! I love that design. I agree, even stitches are more important than small stitches. (At least, that is what I tell myself! HA!) I really like the design you used!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow your hand quilting looks great. I'd love to take the time and do some handquilting. It takes practice too. So keep at it :-) Mayvbe one day I'll join you.

Vesuviusmama said...

It is great to have another hand quilter join the ranks. It looks great! Keep at it!