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October 4, 2009

Pack Rat continued

Well he is still around. Since he moved out of my husband's truck he moved into a stone wall. Our garden is on an incline and we built a wall at the bottom in order to have the garden, some of this wall is stone. This guy is one hungry fella. My husband spotted this "stash" last week and we have been watching it grow. Today I took this photo and then my husband cleaned the tomatoes and green peppers out of the hole and set a little trap for the guy. Hopefully, we can catch him soon.
Click on the photo and you can see teeth marks in the tomatoes and that the green pepper is half eaten. Also I think he is wise in selecting the green tomatoes as they would last longer than the red ones, LOL.


Shirleymac said...

My goodness. If he ate all that green pepper by himself you'll probably hear him burping before you see him *LOL*

Amy said...

Joey wants to know if he is staying away from the truck? talk to you soon,Amy

SpinningStar said...

I had a pack rat one time in my PT cruiser - I think it happened when we were visiting Phoenix and there was some construction nearby since later, the car guys found insulation in the bumper area as well as the air filter. They figured out where it came into the air filter area and put some wire mesh as a block. It seems to have worked.

Another time, when I was out of the house for a couple weeks, some field mice found a stash of bird seed in the garage and then found some entry ways into the house. I had about 30 little stashes of seed in the weirdest places - linen closet, top shelf in closet under jeans, under seat cushions, etc. It turns out that there were small gaps in some closets in the framing of the doorway. I duct-taped like crazy & it seemed to keep them out.

Aren't critters fun?


Ivory Spring said...

Oh my, the saga continues, HAHA! :)

Auntie Em said...

I hope you weren't planning on making a big batch of fried green tomatoes. Your crop has been severely depleted. LOL!
Just for you, I posted a picture on my blog of a little tomato thief we had in our backyard.

Ivory Spring said...

Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog on my smocking. I always love hearing from you! I can't wait to see how the pack rat saga is going to unfold! :)

Vesuviusmama said...

At least he is staying away from the truck...