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June 8, 2010

String Quilt Block

Goodness, I have not been on the computer for a while now. We are having a lot of thunderstorms here and we have to "unplug" during the storms, they get a bit violent at times. I am just stealing a little time on here before the next one hits us.I will get back to reading blogs soon, I hope!

Diamond X
In the meantime I have been doing a little cleaning and then in between storms I fire up my sewing machine and have been working on this block. I have seen so many of these string blocks and I like them all. I got on a site that someone else had posted a link to, can't remember who it was, sorry. Anyway she a link to a string quilt in a diamond shape. I had already done a couple of string blocks but when I saw the diamond I liked it. I got to playing with it a bit and came up with this block. My hubby said that is a Diamond X. It took me a couple of tries before I got it so it was workable. The blocks are trimmed to  6.5 X 9.5. Here is the link to the web site

I wish I could remember who it was that posted the link first, maybe Quiltluvr? Not sure. There are some links on my tabs and it is listed there as well. I better go it is getting black here again and the county next to us is under a tornado watch. It is perfect weather for one too, hot and steamy!
See you all soon! Oh and thanks Amy for all those scraps because most of them were yours!


Amy said...

Looks great!! your welcme for the scraps.. Now if I had some here to work with.happy sewing,Amy

Jessica said...

What a cool design! Filing that one away for a future quilt...

Ivory Spring said...


This is absolutely gorgeous - I love love love it!

oldbatt said...

You did a great job with your string quilt! I love the "diamond X" name too! Lisa