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June 16, 2010

Trapezoid Block

Trapezoid Block
I have been looking at tutorials lately for my Bees Knees Block group. I thought about the Diamond X but there were a couple of other blocks as well that I really like and would love to make quilts with. I love the Spiderweb, String quilts too. I have a ton of fabric that I need to use up so I can buy more, you know how it goes. If get use some then I will buy some. I have been busy cutting up some of the scraps that I have in hopes that I can organize and get them used up. I thought it would be good to test out some blocks.

 I found this one at The Sometimes Crafter. She has several nice blocks there. She has a stacked block which I think one of our ladies is having done and then she has another one that I really like as well. It is sort of a log cabin but done with different colored squares around the 9patch center. So it is hard to decide. If it had not been for one of our gals in the Block group I probably would not have found her site. I really like this block and it is so easy to do. It turned out to be a bit more oblong, like 12.75 long by 12wide. I plan on doing more blocks that I have not done before, maybe do a new block once a week or every other week. Use up some scraps and do some relaxing sewing.

We continue to have rain. We had one huge storm today and got 2 inches in one hour. Needless to say, things are flooded because we have already had so much rain. We are just a bit soggy here with more on the way! Everyone stay dry!


Rhoda said...

I saw a whole quilt done in shades of blue with those blocks. It was really very nice! I think you could make a quilt out of that and be happy with it.

Anne D said...

It looks great. I really like the block but the quilt is going to be gorgeous in those fabrics!

Ivory Spring said...

Marlene - those fabrics are just GORGEOUS! I love them.

Thanks for stopping by to say hi - things have been CRAZY at my end, but I am managing.

It's hot here -- wish you would share some of your rain... :)

Hugs and blessings!

Quiltluver said...

I love those batik colors! I saw those pre-cut fabric blocks for sale at a quilt show not long ago. I the the Accuquilt Go cutter is making it easier for quilt vendors to sell pre-cut blocks.

oldbatt said...

Wow - those look great and it doesn't look like straight seams although I know it is! I love the batiks in those too. Best, Lisa