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August 21, 2010

A Box Of Goodies!

My Mom has done it again. She got these old quilt magazines from an estate that they handled for the auction business. She also said there are some books to send as well. Some of these magazines are from 1988. The latest one is 1991. I love looking at them but most of the photos in the older ones are black and white. Interesting articles and I love to look at the ads.

I have been busy figuring out my block for the Bees Knees. I finally have it all figured out, now to cut the fabrics and get the packets together. 

It is hot here again but not as bad as it was. I am not one to look forward to fall but I sure am this year. It has been brutal with the heat.

Good night to all and have a great weekend. 


Ivory Spring said...

Okay, I am coming over to browse through the magazines with you!! I love old quilt magazines!

Amy said...

wow, very lucky eh? please do not discard them lil'subscription papers for me.... hate to say it but I prefer some of the older quilt magazines and reading the stories of the "quilters".....hoping to see ya real soon.. we know about some more pipeline work...just found out lastnight!!!

Vesuviusmama said...

Yay for moms! I love looking through old magazines, too.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love to find older quilting magazines at the thrift stores. What little treasures, and usually for only 25c to 50c. Can't beat that!