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September 2, 2010

I Love This Store!

Yesterday(Tuesday) hubby said let's get out of here for a while. I think we were both in desperate need of a day out. So we went to one of our favorite places, Lawrence. It is about 64 miles one way. There are 3 places we love to visit there. The first one being Sarah's  It is the nicest fabric shop that I have been in and the biggest. I always have trouble deciding what I want to get.By the way, this is only half of the front part of the store. I usually restrict myself to 5 or 6 one yard cuts of the fabric I like the most. Here is what I got, I have been buying some different fabrics at her shop for several months now. I am saving up for something special . These will blend in beautifully with what I have already.
Then we like to go to this place called the Bargain Barn. Mostly tools, fishing stuff all that sort of things. They do buy outs I think but they always have something there. Last time I got some bubble mailing envelopes for my Bees Knees project, they were only 49 cents each. This time I got some garden gloves for $1.49 but they are just like the gloves I have for free motion quilting. Only the ones I have cost me like $8.00

On to the thrift store. They opened up a nice big thrift store over there. I got some sheets for the backs of quilts the last time I was over there and this time I got some more. The bottom one is flannel and will go on that blue coin quilt I just made, it is going north so it will need the extra warmth up there. The yellow one in the middle is a twin size and it had not even been washed. Those two were $2.99 each and the top one with the butterflies was $1.99. It was worth the trip over there for just the sheets. 

We had a good day and really needed the break.  I see everyone says they take a mini vacation well I guess we had a micro-mini vacation since we were only gone for the day. Oh and hubby wanted to go to Cabala's ( which I posted about once here )so we went over there too. Sometimes I guess we all just need to get away for awhile. Today is back to the old grind but we feel a bit more relaxed about it. I think I will need another micro-mini vacation before Sarah sells out of that one fabric I had to leave there, LOL.


Amy said...

Looks like ya got some nice stuff.I love using sheets for the backs of my quilts.especially flannel.

Angela said...

I need to get to the thrift store and get some more sheets for backing -- I love doing that, too.
Looks like a GREAT day!

oldbatt said...

Quilt stores, thrift stores - right up my alley! That sounds like a great day away. Glad you got away - even for a day. Best, Lisa

Rhoda said...

It sounds like the perfect day! I love those fabrics you bought.

Tiffany said...

"Sarah's" looks dreamy, like I could spend an entire wait.....weekend there! It's nice to get away, even if for only a micro-mini vacation. Pretty fabric and great bargains - it was a banner day!

Quiltluver said...

Sounds like a fun day, and you got such pretty fabrics, too! My word verification today? prette :)

Ivory Spring said...


That looks like a wonderful shop - the fabrics are BEAUTIFUL! :)

Thanks for your kind words on my Fruit of the Vine quilt.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Jessica said...

That looks like a wonderful shop, and those are beautiful fabric choices. And what luck thrifting, too!

Sometimes even a day away from home can be just what you need to recharge your batteries! Glad you had fun.

Hopefully my fabric package will be in the big bundle the mailman brings tomorrow, now that we're back from our trip.