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September 12, 2010

My Brother

Me and Merton
This is a photo of my brother and myself. I think he must have been about 7, maybe 8. My Mom made these outfits for us for Halloween one year. She always made us cool costumes and we always won a big prize for the best. Back in the day it was a big deal with the whole town there and some of the better known towns people the judges.  We were Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross.

My brother would have had his birthday today, Sunday the 12th, but he died in 1991. I still miss him. I wanted to get this up earlier today but just didn't feel well enough to do anything.


Angela said...

Hugs to you! Your brother knows you love him.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a sweet although I am sure a difficult post. What a blessing that you had a special brother to share your growing up with. Even though he is gone, I pray you have good memories of times spent together.

Rhoda said...

I think memories are one of God's best blessings. I'm so sorry about your brother. I'm sure you miss him still. I hope you start to feel better.

Tiffany said...

What a fabulous memory of you and your brother, and your mom for making those terrific costumes. You both look great! I am sorry for your loss.

Lis said...

I cannot imagine you will ever not miss your brother, hugs from me on this difficult day of memories.

Ivory Spring said...

A bittersweet post, Marlene. *HUGS* That picture of you and your brother is priceless.

Graphixman said...

Great photo Marlene, I remember Merton.