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October 27, 2010

Another Day Trip!

Tuesday hubby and I took another day trip. This time we went south. We had never been down in that direction and thought it would be a nice little trip. He took me to two different quilt shops down there. We would have gone to another one but there was some construction and NO detour signs set up so we said forget that one. Maybe another time we will get to that one.

I just love this T-shirt we saw in the first store which is called Hen and Feathers. Nice little shop. I got a Fandango layer cake to go with some yardage of the same line that I had gotten at Sarah's a while back. We had a great time and got lost(sort of) on another detour on our way back. You know how those detours are on those country roads, they take you like 40 miles out of the way and then send you another 50 miles to get back to the road you were on to begin with. Hubby said forget that and went straight. We finally got home safe and sound but very late. Also saw a sign for a bank called the Tightwad Bank in one of those little blink and you'll miss it towns. Too funny! Hubby didn't want to turn around just to snap a photo because it was getting so late.

Well blogger is still taking a long time to load photos and then I couldn't move them where I wanted them so sorry if this looks a bit bunched up.

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Amy said...

I hear ya on BLOGGER.. I am not liking the way they changed the photo uploading part... I love the fabric ya got....tightwad bank eh... I call my bank A$$ national...