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December 8, 2010

The Dog Ate It!

Angel, Mom's dog
When I came to my Mom's I brought some fruit cake that I had made for her and for Norma, the lady next door. Norma gave me the recipe, it  was her husband's mother's recipe. Norma is 90 years old so that will give you an idea of how old the recipe is, you bake it and then soak it in Rum, anyhoo, we accidentally left it on the counter while we were out one day.  Needless to say, the dog or dogs ate it. The one dog I don't think felt too good for a couple of days but we both laughed and said too bad for them! This is a photo of one of the dogs. I did get some more brazil nuts to make another one and guess what? Yup the dog(s) ate the brazil nuts too. I got more nuts and made another one and finally gave it to Norma before something happened to it. Norma was so thrilled with it but I have not had the chance to tell her the story yet. I am sure that she will enjoy the story as much as she enjoys the fruit cake.


Michelle said...

That's too funny!! When we first got our dog, I made a banana bread Christmas morning to snack on while opening gifts. I went into the kitchen and he'd taken a huge chunk out of the middle! The things they do!

Amy said...

I am sorry about the to ya real SOON!

Susan said...

Too funny! Reminds me of the year that our dog ate the kids Easter baskets! (She didn't feel too good after that either!)

Rhoda said...

And I'm looking for another dog - why?
You gave me a chuckle today!