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January 13, 2011


More Scraps
I am in the process of cutting up 2 X 3.5 inch rectangles. I would have loved to have done this with all strips but a lot of my pieces were small. Some were so small that I could only get two pieces out of them. Others are in strips but not enough of them to make it worth while sewing together. I hope it doesn't  take as long as I think it will to sew them all. I need a little over 700 and so far I have almost 500, if I didn't count wrong that is.

I was thinking about putting them in a basket or a bag and just grab two and sew them but I am not sure if I will do that or not. I am only sewing them in pairs and then I will put the pairs together into a 4 patch. This is one of Bonnie Hunters quilts. It's called Fun with Bricks.

We had another crock pot meal the other night and it turned out great. However, I am not sure my hubby and I were a big fan of this recipe so onto something else. I think I have one for sausage and one for chicken coming up next.

It has been very cold here and snowy. I heard today that every state in the United States has snow except Florida. I think they said that last year and the one state was Hawaii. So every one stay warm and dry.

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Michelle said...

Sounds like you're getting alot done-alot more than me. I haven't gotten any sewing done at all lately. sigh.

So glad that crock pot cooking is working for you!! I love using my crock pot. My whole day seems to go easier!

have a wonderful weekend!