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January 4, 2011

First One

Calico Ham and Bean Soup
A success and I am amazed. I made Calico Ham and Bean Soup in the crock pot. My husband is a quiet man and doesn't usually say very much. He took his first spoonful of soup and raised his eyebrow, I knew he liked it. Lots of times he will say, "It's fine" but never say, "It's good". Well I got a good out of him.

The recipe was way more than what we need for the two of us but we will have left overs and I will have another night of not cooking. Hooray! More time to sew. This is a good winter meal and I am sure that at some point in time I will make it again. I think I am going to like this crock pot cooking.

Thanks to everyone who gave me their recipes for crock pots. I am going to try them as well.


Susan said...

That's a favorite here too! I usually make a batch of corn bread to go with it.

free indeed said...

Going to share the recipe? I've got a large ham bone and quite a bit of ham that needs using up.

Amy said...

Glad to hear it was liked!!

Michelle said...

that sounds delicious!! I'll have to try that one!!

tomorrow I'm trying polish sausage with apples. Yummy!