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February 7, 2011

Delayed Finish

For my Mom
I had made a wrong cut on the fabric that I was using for my Mom's quilt so I had to wait and go back to the quilt shop for more. I went to the sale they had this weekend and got more of the fabric I needed plus some for the outer border. I got a few other things too. Oh and I got some silk ribbon, she is now carrying a small amount of it. I hope she gets more in. I would do more silk ribbon embroidery if it were more easily available.  Anyway here is a peek at Mom's quilt. Not sure when I will get it quilted I need to take my machine in for yearly service soon. I am overdue with that. I hate to part with it. How often do you take your machine in for service?


Hazel said...

Love the photo's in this quit .I take my machine in once a year ,I think if you are sewing on it everyday like I do it pays to maintain it .

quiltfool said...

Having so many machines means not putting too many miles on any of them. I service all my vintage singers and my Bernina. I got the service manuals and can successfully tinker with each of them. I take my Pfaff in every other year. I can't even figure out how to get inside that one. Lane

Rose said...

I love those barns!!!

I hate to say this, I have a Pfaff that is almost 20 years old and been taken in once for a little chirp...the guy could not find anything wrong..just kept oiling till he stopped it. The last few years, have not sewn a lot on it so it went home with my daughter.

I have a Viking #1...I bought it used...but hardly ever use it.

I have a Juki 98Q, and use it when I sew. It is one to do your own oiling on, and clean out the has sewn a lot in the few years I have had is a straight stitch only mechanical machine that I dearly love.

I do clean out the lint--OFTEN on any machine I use, and if it needs to be oiled I oil it. My Pfaff only had one spot I was supposed to put one drop of oil every so often...forget how often now.

My Viking does not need oiled, and my Juki has three spots to be oiled after every 8 hours of sewing.

I don't know if the reason I have never had trouble is cause I keep the lint out..I am really picky about cleaning it out often.

I grew up on a treadle machine and mom never had any problems with it. I do remember her keeping the lint cleaned out.