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February 9, 2011

A Nice Surprise!

Quilting friends are the nicest people! I got to know Jenna through the Bees Knees, the virtual quilt bee that I am in. We are almost done with that now but Jenna and I have had occasion to email back and forth and her blog Jennadesigns is a regular read of mine. She is super sweet. She made some ipod cases using the nicest fabric. I had commented on how nice they were so she surprised me and sent me one. Also in the package was a huge bar of dark chocolate, one of my favorites. Jenna knows me well.

I just love the little button on the outside of the case and the fabric she used for the inside of it. So thank you so very much Jenna for the nicest surprise. Quilting friends are always best friends. Hop on over to her blog and take a look at all her crafty projects.

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Madame Samm said...

just gotta love surprises and mail and firends..oh yes ..