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February 11, 2011

Hot Pads

Thought I would like to try and make some hot pads, not that they are hard to do but I just didn't want any big projects at the moment and these have been fun to do. I saw this in a magazine, it is a spilt Snowball.

These are the 1,000 Pyramid block. I love the scrappy look. I used inslu-brite(if that is how you spell it) in both of them. Never have used it before but it isn't difficult to work with.

What do you use for your hot pads and pot holders?


Rhoda said...

I always used another product that was quilted with a metallic-looking fabric on one side. I'm out of that so I will get the insul-brite next time.

Jennadesigns said...

Oh, I LOVE the yellow/gray ones - they're beautiful! I always use insul-brite as well. I guess I just like it. Sometimes I add a bit of warm and natural as well for more "puff" but not always! What a fun way to try new blocks. I finished up my children's owls for Valentine's Day this evening... so that's off my plate now! :)

quiltfool said...

I usually use a hot mitt, and got a new pair for the holidays in a bright red. But, I noticed yesterday someone had burned the fingers on one of them already. Wasn't me. I think it was the giver of the mitts. Lane