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February 27, 2011

It's Sinking In

I did some more practice on my quilting frame today and I think it is finally sinking in. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. For one, I am not having the quilt, in this case sheets, stretched as tight as I did before and I was trying to quilt in too small of an area. I found all that out by accident but at least I found out. I only have a little more room left on the sheet and I can take it off and really get to work. Any of you with a frame have any  tips for me?


Trudi said...

Don't be intimidated by the top on the frame, they look different to a practise piece! You'll be fine! You've done a great job already!

Jennadesigns said...

Looks so nice! I don't have a frame, or any tips, but I just wanted to say what you've got so far looks wonderful!

I hope you're enjoying nice weather where you are. It's not quite 30 here, and I'm ready for spring already! Had some spare time today, so I got to go thrifting... always fun times!

Take care! And happy quilt frame quilting!

McKenna said...

Though I don't have a stand alone, dedicated machine quilting frame, but I do free motion quilt on my domestic a fair amount. I have found that stretching a quilt too tight in basting only causes the fibers to retract once the basting is gone which causes wrinkles and puckers throughout. I baste only to the point of snugness but not tight and my machine quilting usually turns out well. If it doesn't it's because I made an operator error and I can't blame it on tight basting. LOL

Kathleen said...

Your practice looks great! Just be careful that you don't go too tight. Same goes for your muscles, stay relaxed and have fun.