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February 24, 2011

It Took Forever Mr. Mailman

Well it took forever for Mr. Mailman to get this fabric package to me from the UK but finally it arrived and I got right busy on Trudi's blocks. Trudi is the last of the Bees Knees blocks. This was a super simple block to make and I love the fabrics that she chose for them. They will be on their way back to Trudi as soon as this weather clears and I can get to the post office. Hopefully, Mr. Mailman will not take so long to get them back to her. We are having a lovely snow storm with ice today. Yesterday was sunny and about 67 so it is quiet the change and I hope the last of the snow storms.


Michelle said...

We're enjoyin snow here. About six inches which is a big thing here. We may even get more today. I'm kinda hoping so because then my hubby will be off. They can't handle the snow here and everything closes! The kids are out and enjoying the snow!

Jennadesigns said...

So jealous of your lovely temperatures! Your blocks look wonderful! I'm hoping to make mine this weekend - I didn't realize we had enough for more than one block ... so that will be fun! They sure took long enough to get here, I want to make sure they get back to her in a reasonable amount of time!

I for one, am done with the snow. We had sleet coming down on my way home from clinical last night and even though I was driving well under the speed limit, 3 deer ran out in front of me and I ended up missing them, and the other traffic and spinning around, ending up in the ditch. Only time I've ever been so stuck I needed a wrecker to get me out! :) Fortunately, the car and I are just fine... but I'm so tired of driving in bad weather! 67 and sunny would suit me just fine!

Finn said...

I do love those hour glass blocks and what great fabrics she chose! I'm ready for the snow to end, more than usual this year. Both of snow and anticipation of spring! Love your tumblers also, I only made them once, but love those old one patch quilts! Hugs, Finn