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April 12, 2011


Hubby and I took the afternoon and went to a grand opening for a new home improvement store here. Menards. I don't know if you all have them around where you are but wow what a nice store. Huge but nice. For the grand opening they had Paul Menard, the owners nephew, Paul drives the # 27 car for NASCAR and Matt Crafton who drives the #88 truck in the NASCAR series.

Hubby and I really like NASCAR and it was a real treat for us to be able to see the vehicles and the drivers.
Matt Crafton is on the right and Paul Menard is on the left. I didn't get an autograph because there was a long line but hubby and I did enjoy the store and will be going back to purchase a few things we need for the house.


Rose said...

As much money as we have spent at Menard's, we should be part owner. And our daughter worked there for a couple years while in collage.

Barb H said...

I don't spend too much time in the big box hardware stores, but of the ones I've been to, I like Menards the best. Not as warehousy as the others, and there are helpful clerks around once in awhile!