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June 30, 2011


Cedar siding and a new Octagon window
Well at least my hubby and Joey are making some progress. It is looking good so far I love it. Amy sends me photos when she can. I understand that I have 4 new windows in as of today, can't wait to see the photos of them. The Octagon windows I love, there are two of them, one in the bathroom, the one that was there was ugly, really ugly, and one in the laundry area.

Amy has been using my quilt frame while I am gone, plus cooking for the guys and trying to keep them cool with lots of water in the 100+ temperatures they are having. I think she has done about 5 quilts since I left.  Have fun Amy! Glad your using it!


Michelle said...

Looking good!

Amy said...

The windows are gorgeous!! I am going to e-mail them.I just pulled quilt number 6 off the frame...while a cake was baking... geesh I need some rest:)

Hazel said...

Looks wonderful and could you send Amy to my house when you are finished ;-)