New Name

UNDER THE ROSE has a new name its.......BY THE SEAM.
I had trouble with the old web address so thought it would be best to change it.
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July 5, 2011

New Windows

Finally we are getting things under control here. 4 of the new windows are all in. Just waiting on the big one for the front. I can't wait to see all of this in person, it is looking great. I am sure the inside is a disaster!!!!!!

 I will, hopefully, be meeting with Susan next week. I am looking forward to it. I am just doing a bit of hand sewing that I brought with me and I am making a bit of progress on that. I have not had much time for any sewing or computer since I have been here. I have a bit of time right now so I am going to catch up on some blog reading.


Susan said...

It looks like they are making good progress, but I would be a nervous wreck if I was away and knew that my husband was making unsupervised home improvements! I sure hope you find everything to your liking when you get home!

I'm looking forward to our shopping trip next week too. (Hopefully it will help take your mind off of what is going on at home...if only for a few minutes.)

Michelle said...

Looks like good progress is being made. Can't wait to see it all done!!

Take care!