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UNDER THE ROSE has a new name its.......BY THE SEAM.
I had trouble with the old web address so thought it would be best to change it.
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September 10, 2011

Before I Left

This is what the house looked like as I was leaving for the summer. Looking now at the new siding and how it was when I left I just can't get over how bad it was. We should have done something with it a few years ago but you all know how that goes....

Then we needed some sort of a roof over this door because it is on the south side and gets all the wind and rain in the spring and summer. The new siding is on and I got a nice octagon window in there too. I know the new photo is at a different angle but you get the idea. I just thought you might like to see the difference. We are still working on the porches and getting the place buttoned up for winter. I am so not ready for winter.


Michelle said...

Your home is beautiful!

Amy said...

I think it looks fantastic!!

Patricia said...

Hi, I really love your wrap around porch. I know y'all will really enjoy it; probably you already are!