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October 21, 2011

Hot Air Balloons

While I was at my Mom's the local town had their annual Hot Air Balloon Rally. It has changed a lot since we used to go to it and was on the committee. We had a friend that had a balloon and used to crew for him and traveled to several different Rally's with him. It was a lot of fun, he took us for a ride  several times. If you have never been up in a Hot Air Balloon it is amazing. Anyway I thought I would share a couple of photos with you.

This one was going for what they call a "Splash and Dash". There is a big marsh on the other side of those trees. He was going to go in low enough so he could dip down in the water and then take off again. I wish I could have been on the other side of the trees so I could have taken a photo of that.

This one was getting ready to land and was about 8 miles or so from where the first two were.

My Internet has been "intermittent" as the recording says now for about 10 days. The only thing that they have done so far is change the recording. And this blogger thing is all messed up when I add photos so bear with me. I don't care much for the new blogger dashboard or how it posts. Two of the photos I had problems with so if they are not there  please let me know.


Barb H said...

Thanks for sharing the pix. I've never been up in a baloon but it's on my "bucket list."

Amy said...

beautiful pictures!!