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UNDER THE ROSE has a new name its.......BY THE SEAM.
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February 29, 2012

Too Early For This!

Hello everyone! Gosh I have been out of this for so long now. Just hadn't felt like sewing at all till about a month ago and now I am sewing every day. It seems good and I realize how much I have missed it.

I took this photo today outside my house, of one of my Maple trees. Hubby has been telling me for 2 weeks now that it is budding out. We have had such a mild winter this year it is no wonder. Tomorrow is supposed to be 69 degrees. The flies and the bees are waking up (Oh Joy). Not sure they really went to sleep and hubby and I even saw a grasshopper (more OH Joy). I bet they will be bad this summer eating everything in sight. No rain last summer to speak of so they will be hungry.

You all have a great night. I will be back again soon.


Patsy Seay said...

Hi, I know your winters are worse than ours, but our winter has been almost nonexistent, too. We live 14 miles from Waco. Our yard has already been mowed twice! Most of the trees here are budding out, and so are the ornamental pear trees. Don't know if y'all have them, but they have white flowers, and the trees are beautifully shaped.

I've not been on my blog in many, many months. I'm thinking about it, and sewing, too. :)

Your newly designed blog looks really nice. I messed mine up one night and have to go fix it. LOL

Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

We have a few maples, ornamental pears (also getting ready to bloom) and some oak trees. They aren't all budding out or "greening up" yet, but they are getting ready. I love this time of year. I open the windows in the studio to the breeze and the bird songs and sew away! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Amy said...

I love your new header,and the name:)