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March 20, 2012

What's A Little More Fabric....?!

I couldn't stand it today, rain the last two days and for the rest of the week. Hubby had to go out and I went with him and talked him into taking me to my favorite fabric spot Sarah's. I have only been over there once since I got back in August so I don't feel guilty for buying more fabric when I said I don't need new fabric I need to use what I have. I guess I am rationalizing here. Well I do love fabric. And we need to buy a little every now and then just to keep up with the market, right?!

It all started with the grey bicycle fabric. I guess it reminds me of what fun I used to have on my bike when I was a kid. My dad got it for me and surprised me with it. I loved that bike and rode it all over town till there was nothing left of it. At some point in time I will make all of this up into a quilt for me. As soon as I can figure out exactly what to make that is....Any suggestions?

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Amy said...

lovely! hubby is a good guy for takin you to OUR favorite shop!