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July 23, 2013

Caulk Remover!

I finally got all the caulk off the tub. Wow! What a job that was. I spent two days or a little more doing that. I don't know why that clear caulk was so hard to get off but it was not like the white caulk that you get but yet they sell it. I picked up some caulk yesterday and saw the clear stuff.

I finally got some caulk remover.......

The one on the left is to soften the caulk.....well easier said than done with this stuff. But it did help..Then to get the caulk off the tub part (see my other post to see how bad it was) I used the stuff on the left. Said it starts working in 2 to 3 minutes took some of it an hour and then had to re spray some of it again. I have taken caulk off before but this stuff was really really I have said before.

I wish I would have taken that caulk off right away when my daughter put it on but I didn't. Probably would not have made any difference. Well anyway, the sheetrock got torn up in some spots so now after I let that air good I will have to patch it all the way around. 

This is about the same spot as in the photo in my last post. You can see how bad the caulk was put on. Believe me some spots are worse than this. At any rate I have a ton of work to do in there yet before I can paint.

In the meantime I had the windows open for a while this morning because of a cool front. Very odd for this time of year here but it was nice while it lasted and I got windows washed. Yay! I can see through them again. 

Alrighie then back to work...........

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Rose said...

Not a fun job, but the results will be good!