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July 19, 2013

Other Bathroom

The other bathroom remodel has begun. The sink came out this afternoon. That was on Wednesday.

I started the necessary patching. We had gotten a new sink awhile ago and made it work because we knew we would be doing this. 

You can see the "ugly" green stick down tile. I have hated it since we bought it but the bathroom was mainly used by my daughter and it is what she wanted. Ugh! 

So far I have gotten the patching done around where the sink was and I have torn up some of the tiles. Not a hard job at all they are coming up easier than we hoped.

Right now I am trying to remove the caulk around the tub. Again, my daughter did it one day. She used a clear caulk that turned yellow and had no idea of what she was doing. It's all over the place and very difficult to remove.

As you can see by this bad photo. I have spent about 2 hours just trying to remove about 12 inches of the caulking. It is going to take me forever to remove it all. Both sides of the tub plus across the top of it. I got some of that caulk remover but the caulk has even challenged that stuff. Although it does work better with the remover than it does without it but not too much.

I can't wait to get rid of that I guess I better get back at it. 

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